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Of course we have the bet

We have the bet For most of us, “gambling” is cool. Of course, we have to bet. From the gambler’s journey to now but anyway gambling is fun and exciting for the next big win. But there is a small group of gamblers with about 3% calculations, so betting is more than just entertainment. For them, gambling is stress. Affecting life and causing financial problems Modern science shows that gambling addiction is more than a lack of self-control. This is called “addiction”

Why “addictive”?

What do you miss when you think of addiction? You might imagine a picture of someone addicted to drugs or alcohol. But because a brain substance called DSM-5 is the standard gambling used to identify mental problems, addiction seems to be at odds with general feelings. You might think that the problem of gambling addiction is similar to that of shopping addiction and that it is treated the same way. But mental health experts have tested common medication plans that have no effect at all on gambling addiction.

According to a study by the International Gaming Association, it was found that a spokesperson said: “The reason for being an indicator of gambling disorders is scientific research on gambling problems. Revealing general ingredients related to drug use”

Psychologists know that people with severe gambling addictions are very similar to behavioral addictions. Whether it is a lie, family, or friends, they cannot receive physical and mental treatment and avoid showing addictive behavior. It is not surprising that similar performance is good for addicts, even if they are addicted to other things. According to a study by Dr. Charles Oben, the key to DSM-5 secretion is that the stimulants that cause drug secretion are the same as the drug process. Obviously, we are not neurologists. But looking for relationships all of us jump into gambling, which is inspired by dopamine secreted by the brain. What substance is in chocolate to make it feel good but the secondary hypothesis that suggests gambling addiction involves a defective mental health system According to a study by the American Academy of Sciences, “Some people have special qualities for drug and gambling addiction Because they accidentally disrupt the circuits of the brain. “

We have the bet Subsequent research was conducted in accordance with the above-mentioned view that certain parts of the brain are responsible for suppressing stimulants of gambling addiction. This includes the conclusion that when people are addicted to gambling, dopamine levels drop. Studies have compared the causes of gambling addiction to Parkinson’s disease. This is caused by the malfunction of dopamine itself.

So, what have we learned from this article?

The first thing to understand is that people who gamble are not bad people. Scientific research has shown that they have problems with their brains. Directly related to environmental and genetic factors. If you think you are at risk for gambling addiction, you can contact the customer service center of your online casino website that becomes a member 24 hours a day and compile a standard online gambling website.